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T6615 or similar CO2 sensor Richard Müller 1
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Smoke detector upcycling? Mike 6
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How to use the AVR Assembler (AVRASM2) for complex projects Thomas R. 0
Using a button for two functions play/pause Ya Yo 2
ATMEL-ICE Basic + AVR Studio 7 + ATMEGA8L-8PU Winfried Babinsky 1
Blaupunkt/Audi(??) delta CC Radio remote control protocol Joachim K. 4
Micro Python for Infinion TriCore Controller Siva Prakash Reddy Narreddy 0
Cross Compiler for Infinion Tricore Architecture Siva Prakash Reddy Narreddy 0
Unknown Micro Alspa Televi 4
AVR USI TWI master/slave config Christoph Lehr 1
Using a picture frame as embedded display bovist 1
Higher voltage level on AnalogIN than AREF or intREF Hoerb 0
XPS Controller (from newport) mihai 1
Design a simple synth with Arduino Ada Lee 1
FM Transmitter (169.4 - 176.000 MHz & 214.000 - 220.000 MHz) sebastian_v 0
converting a digital signal Evrard Tsafack 1
Over-the-air firmware update for the ATmega128RFA1 apfelsine 1
Arduino UNO as AVR Programmer (for Transistor Tester) under Linux Thierry Renaux 0
Looking for M-Bus (meter bus) library wmz 1
renesas Programmer Aleo 7
Which controller to choose as a newbee? Arduino? Joe 11
introducing my project "kicksurfer" Frank 18
[AVB] Linking of Virtual Alsa Device with Actual Sound card Sachin Deshmukh 0
What is under the hood and how different temperature sensors work? Mozo Bata 4
Gould Datasys 944A storage oscilloscope wilwin 0
Solid State Relay and PCF8574 Michael_mhr 4
How about Maduino Lora Radio (433M) of Makerfabs? Kevin Li 0
Gamebuino based on arduino nano David Roper 20
Develoment tool for MKE02Z64LVD4 Abdul Hayee 0
how to install st-link/v2 driver in win10 ? mehmet karakaya 0
Ultra-low power Arduino board with built-in wireless (RF) Mike M. 9
Curl Arduino nano Arduino fan 3
Xbox one controller led contact points came off whilst soldering Daniel Ringer 1
How do I reduce the heat of this paraffin wax heater? Young Makiyoung 4
Program STM32 Board with a GUI in Matlab Simulink EMVA 0
Give Me Suggestions about PIC16F1509 Ling Ling 2
Makefile does not complete (Linux) Thierry Renaux 5
Need ideas for implementing torque pid control Marcel Meyer 1
AVR Mega328 does not exit the test mode Dimitris Karatzas 1
MM80 RS485 MUX32 multidrop protocol Miros 1