Forum: µC & Digital Electronics SmartEEPROM limitation to <= 1024Bytes at ATSAMD51J20A?

von Flyget (Guest)

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Hey guys!

I use the SmartEeprom of an ATSAMD51J20A µC. The current and working 
configuration has a total eeprom size of 1024 bytes (fuses: SEEBLK = 
0x08 and SEEPSZ = 0x01). Now I need to increase the size up to 2048, but 
unfortunately this doesn't work.

If i set the fuses to SEEBLK = 0x10 and SEEPSZ = 0x01, the appropriate 
gui in my IDE (microchip studio) writes 0x00 into SEEBLK! After some 
trial and error, it seems to me that the upper 4 bits of SEEBLK are 
ignored by the fuse-programing tool of microchip studio. For example, if 
I want to program 0x16 to SEEBLK (i know invalid configuration) a 0x06 
is programed to the SEEBLK Fuse. If i want to program 0x12, it programs 
just 0x02... I didn't find any limitations in the data sheet, the 
corresponding tables theoretically provides configurations with 
significantly more eeprom size and the µC has 1MB flash available.

Does anyone have experience with this and uses the SmartEeprom with the 
mentioned µC with a size of more than 1024 bytes?

Many greetings,

von Michael Langen (Guest)

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Hi Flyget,

you cannot write more than four bits to SBLK. Look at the datasheet. I 
hope I can help you. You must also configure the PSZ. The 
configuration-table can be found in the datasheet. Not all possible 
setups are recommended.

Kind regards

von Michael Langen (Guest)

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Here you can finde good (in bold) example configurations.

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