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reading BH1750 lightsensor with Atmega328P using i2c /TWI Sebastian 9
Atmega32U16 - PWM - No output LustigerGeselle 2
Arduino Project: FrSky S.Port (Smart.Port) data transfer with Beetle ATMEGA23u4 via softwareserial Arno Waldmann 3
S.Port data transfer via ATMEGA23u4 via softwareserial Arno Waldmann 1
AVR Mega328 does not exit the test mode Dimitris K. 4
Arduino Uno Wifi Rev 2/ATMEGA4809 : Watchdog always restarts whole system mtimotic 5
Shift-In PCB to buy (e.g. using CD4021 or 74HC597) with Arduino Mega Walter H. 5
Link External RAM Arduino Mega 2560 (with Arduino IDE?) Jonas B. 4
I2C/TWI and FreeRTOS on Arduino Mega2560 / AVR Oliver G. 0
How to use the AVR Assembler (AVRASM2) for complex projects Thomas R. 7
ATMEL-ICE Basic + AVR Studio 7 + ATMEGA8L-8PU Winfried Babinsky 1
AVR USI TWI master/slave config Christoph Lehr 1
Over-the-air firmware update for the ATmega128RFA1 apfelsine 1
Arduino UNO as AVR Programmer (for Transistor Tester) under Linux Thierry Renaux 0
Connecting 3.95" TFTLCD for Arduino mega 2560(ili9488) by MCUFRIEND jimwoo 1
AVR bootloader reset specialties booti 2
Atmega328PU wake up with a long button press Maurice Wirth 1
Proof of concept: ATmega MP3 decoder Horst 1
Chicken Egg Problem with AVR DIY Programmer th 8
ATMEGA 644 on Pollin NETIO: sei leads to reset/restart Michael Haussmann 1
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AVR32 uc3c startup troubleshooting hBechtold 3
AVR ATmega8, cannot transmit multiple characters via UART, data getting lost Alex Kapphahn 1
Atmega 644 mit FTDI 221X über SPI Johannes Walcher 0
read DS2401 with ATmega 32 and a 1-Wire protocol ebrahim 0
Initialization of CANIF (AVR32) B0bbyR4y 0
AT90CAN128 (CAN BUS) I2C with ATMEGA32-web server for monitor temp and current Tore Noel 0
Did anybody ever succeed in compiling Atmels patched avr-gcc? matrixstorm 5
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Bricked Arduino - fixing an Atmega16u2 Gerrit R. 6
Attiny85v hardware interrupt unreliable Chris 1
Arduino Mega & processing, serial interface volky 2
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AVR-Transistortester display shows squares Martin G. 3