Forum: µC & Digital Electronics Help wanted for retro game console development

von Henry Torich (Guest)

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I have some time ago engaged in the topic of restoration of old game 
The whole topic as well as a lot of Youtube videos have given me many 
ideas about what else you could do with the consoles, in addition to the 
"just restore".

These ideas go in different directions, but need a deeper knowledge of 
electronics and programming, which I unfortunately do not have enough.

I had thoughts in directions like:
- Wireless Controller
- Remote control to switch on and off
- Equip older consoles with HDMI output
- Case modification and lacquering
- Other ideas, or just something that is cool :)

I myself am an IT person and have good knowledge in programming. I also 
have the basic tools, but currently such modifications would overwhelm 
me, since I have not done anything in this area yet.

Is there anyone who knows something like this and would like to help me 
with the project? I am grateful for any support :)

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