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von Niklas (westlaw)

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I am currently reverse engineering the Bosch Smart Home Controller II to 
get firmware details so projects like Zigbee2MQTT or Home Assistant ZHA 
can perform OTA Upgrades because Bosch won't release the update files.

I have probed many pins on the board, but I cant seem to find a JTAG, 
UART or something similar.

Since I cannot find anything about the TI chip that is used in the SHCII 
anywhere on the web, I thought I would ask here.

You may see the chip on the attached Picture, but here are the markings:

TI Logo
962B ZCZ

I already used the TI part lookup tool, but I didn't get any results 

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von Lothar M. (Company: Titel) (lkmiller) (Moderator)

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Niklas wrote:
> You may see the chip on the attached Picture
Only very small with a lot of "optical noise" like well structured 
background around it.

Pls. try it once more with a closeup view to the chip.

von Niklas (westlaw)

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Ah, thank you.
I didn't see that the image was compressed on upload.

I uploaded a second image.

von Clemens L. (c_l)

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TI is happy to print custom numbers on chips.

That 324-pin BGA package is used by AM335x MCUs.

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