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von Klaus R S. (einhexenmeister)

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I got a new Uni-T UT210E Pro, the one with the gray clamp, not the old 
org one with the red clamp and I could not find anything regarding the 
compatibility of the regular mods or hack on this new "Pro" version.
The only difference really seems to be that in the V modes there is a Hz 
frequency mode added to it.
This Hz mode seems to be different to the one mentioned in some mode 
list tables on the long chinese datasheet.
I implemented all suggested changes in the UT610E so far, as I did on my 
old UT610E and all works. Even I have 4 V-modes on my old one (after 
being modded) DC, AC, DC mV and AC mV the same applies after modding in 
the Pro version, except the 4 V-modes now have a Hz mode added 
automatically after each AC selection ... in summary now 6 V-modes with 
4 entries in the 8E, 9E, AE and BE fields.
Also please note that the EEprom is a 24C08 (as compared to some docs I 
found related to the hacks, stating it as a 24C02) and has some entries 
in the 2nd 256 byte block, so please be careful by updating the EEprom.
This serves as an add on to all the other modding and hacking 
instructions for the UT210E on the net.
Also more can be found on

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