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Hi people,

Does anyone have a user manual, service manual, brochure, anything on 
Gould Delta 9500A? I'm mostly looking for a user manual, don't really 
need the other stuff, but it's nice to have. Any info is appreciated, 
it's a pretty rare scope. I've searched the net extensively, and the 
only thing I found is the manual for Classic 9000 series, which is 
similar, but really not the same.

I scored a pretty decent Gould Delta 9500A scope for 150€ on Ebay 
(non-working). Really impressive spec: 500Mhz, 2GSPS, FFT, Hard drive, 
RS232 with usable commands, nice interface, pretty TFT screen. It was 
easy enough to fix: the 3.6V RAM backup battery was almost dead, but not 
quite, which corrupted the memory and the scope wouldn't boot. Holding 
the "Hold All" button on the scope while turning it on, then releasing 
and re-pressing it when it beeps, clears the memory and puts the scope 
into calibration mode. After calibration, it works OK (though with 
intermittent noise on CH1 which I have to examine; the heatsink on one 
of the CH1 chips fell off, I'm waiting for thermal adhesive to put it 
back on).

I had to glue together (reinforced with a metal splint) one of these 
"paddle" buttons, and one regular button was broken, so I 3D printed it. 
The files are here 

I plan to dump the 4 EPROMs on the board and upload them for anyone 
interested, when I get my programmer in the mail, and also dd the HDD 
into an image you can use (though I think that the HDD is just for 
saving traces; not sure, I don't hear it seeking). That should be 
helpful to anyone trying to fix one.

I've attached a pic if anyone is interested. Personally, I love the 
industrial design, shame it yellowed (and I don't care enough to 
retrobrite it).

Thank you!

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