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von Rinus V. (Company: vdl bus&coach) (rvuyl)

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I'm looking for the arduino library for the AS8510 current sensor of 
AMS. They have created a arduino shield but the library is not readily 
available. I sent a request for this library but I'm not sure if they 
gonna respond.
Any hints or a downloadlink is highly appreciated.

von Tally F. (tallyfeli)

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Hi....You've presumably currently discovered that some Arduino portrays 
expect you to introduce libraries. What may not be so clear is that a 
few libraries have conditions on different libraries. So you really want 
to introduce both the library your sketch utilizes just as the libraries 
those libraries use, etc.

At the point when everything is done a good job for the library 
creators, this is totally dealt with naturally by the Arduino IDE. 
Lamentably, the creator of the library you're utilizing has not 
accommodated that comfort, so somewhat more exertion is required on your 
part. However, it's simple enough.

von Rinus V. (Company: vdl bus&coach) (rvuyl)

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Thank you for replying but I have no idea what you just said. Does 
somebody has this library ? I didnt receive an answer of the AMS support 
and via arduino IDE search i dont find the library neither.

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