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von Ephaltes (Guest)

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Hello Guys,
Wanted to know if it is possible to use the RaspberryPi with its 
included WLan to connect to a mysql database, I mean you can code the 
Raspberry with C++ so i think that should be possible to create a 
connection to a mysql (asking because not tested yet)

So now to my real problem.

I wanted to use a NFC Reader to read an NFC Tag/Card and Phone
so far i used the RC522 and the NXP PN532 from Elechouse the problem now 
is both could find a tag/card but both couldnt find a Phone that used 
NFC (Samsung S5).

So I wanted to know if it´s even possible to read from a phone.

What i wanted to do is read the nfc number from a phone/tag/card then 
save it to a database and the next time the same number appears it shows 
something like already in database.

So i think the problem here is just the NFC part, because the Raspberry 
Pi supports Phyton C/C++ so the database thing shouldnt be a problem


von Mick (Guest)

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Doing mySQL stuff over network is fairly easy. You will find lots of 
sample code online.

If you're using the PN532, reading the phone's ID should be working. Try 
this library https://github.com/Seeed-Shield/NFC_Shield_DEV

RC522 is Mifare RFID only! Your phone can't communicate with it.

von https://www.kopi66.com/product/detail-12151.html (Guest)

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