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von Johnny (Guest)

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I would like to know if you can help me find the mp4 firmware and know 
which firmware is correct. .I am looking for firmware for mp4 
Supertalent 8 GB PMP VIDEGO 30 PMP Series PMP/3003B8(Blue-8GB) Portable 
or compatible media player. this is rockchip
RK2706, does not have a camera. I unknowingly formatted and deleted the 
system folders and got a blank screen. Then I try to restore with 
another firmware and I get a black or black screen. If anyone knows or 
has a compatible firmware of this brand for this particular model, 
please download the firmware file and use order with the programs. It is 
similar to Titan and many other generics, but Vidego30 does not have a 
camera. Attached a photo of the link. Thanks.

Main board and screen data:


Friend I would like to know although it is a very old topic, I have a 
supertalent vidego30 rk2706 mp4, I was looking for firmware but I can't 
find the right one, I found some v2.19 that show a screen but only 2 
buttons work and it doesn't recognize the battery. I have seen that you 
worked with the code of these firmware and you modified important parts 
of the boot and others, well I wanted to know if it is possible to 
change the configuration of buttons so that the firmware that I found 
recognizes all the keys and also importantly recognizes the duration and 
load of the battery, since there is a firmware that only recognizes a 
button but it does recognize the battery and there is another firmware 
that recognizes 2 buttons but does not recognize the battery. So to know 
if you know something about that and can help me. Thanks.

if you know of someone who has it or somewhere to download the firmware 
I would be very grateful.

I have already searched many old pages, many of which no longer exist 
and I only browse cached pages and screenshots and I have found several 
firmwares but not yet fully compatible with my mp4. I have also found 
rockchip rk2706 SDK software but I don't know how to use it, I don't 
know about programming, I don't know what things have to be modified in 
the firmware with those programs to see if it is possible for the 
firmware to be the most compatible and recognize all the buttons and the 
battery life.

Do not hesitate to ask any other information you need about my mp4 and I 
will send it to you.

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