Forum: µC & Digital Electronics STM32F407 software trigger a one pulse timer using HAL

von Masoud B. (Company: Microdesign) (masud_809)

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I have a question about STM32F407.
I was wondering how to software trigger (not external trigger) a "one 
pulse" timer, using HAL library?
Thanks for the help.

von Klaus W. (mfgkw)

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I don't know if there is a special HAL way to do this.
But why not setting the corresponding bit in one of the "interrupt set 
pending register" NVIC_ISPR0 through NVIC_ISPR7?

 Cortex M4 M4 Devices Generic User Guide 
"4.2.4 Interrupt Set-pending Registers"

There should also be a CMSIS function NVIC_SetPendingIRQ(IRQn_Type 
IRQn), see "4.2.1 Accessing the Cortex M4 NVIC registers using CMSIS"

After setting the bit I expect the IRQ to run (if enabled and no higher 
prio interrupt running).

von nico_2010 (Guest)

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Hi, I think you can use __HAL_TIM_ENABLE(&htim1) to enable short pulse 
after setup that timer (e.g. TIM1) to work in OPM mode.

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