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I2C Communication for Honeywell pressure sensor Nirmit 1
Error loading design (Modelsim student version) Keltuzad 27
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JTAG C source code. USB cable Hj 27 4
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ISE outdated ? Elico C. 2
IP core and VHDL combined ? Elico C. 0
ARM Code for color sensor Neethu P 2
Logical case equality and inequality operators utilizing No of LUTs Lakshita Jaiswal 1
IP CORES to vhdl by xilinx ISE Elico C. 4
Write a very simple controller for a flash memory in a IC board Pinellia Chen 0
Pulsing a pin of the PIC24F04KA201 Soumojit Bose 1
What is the effect of reducing nfft less than the signal length Usman Ashraf 2
test bench for digitAL PI controller Rock Bog 0
Hardware Target shutdown problem in nexys 4 ddr Lakshita Jaiswal 6
PCI verilog code with all modules present niranjan mamadapur 2
PI loop filter in Verilog Rock Bog 2
Artix-7 SPI (x4) bitstream does not work for SelectMAP (x16) St. D. 2
Generic Adder in VHDL Martin 7
DOGXL160-7 with MSP430G2452 through I2C toann 0
Smoke detector upcycling? Mike 6
VIVADO vs ISE elico 2
Deriving different clock signals from a system clock - frequency division & flags Sushma K S 2
STM32 Virtual COM Port driver sengp 4
LUT utilization is 121 % Lakshita Jaiswal 11
Synthesis doesn't match simulation Kyle Gacek 4
External oscillator on my LatticeXP2 Brevia2 Neoz 5
Phase detector in Xilinx Rock Bog 23
USB Host CDC connection (to Surf Stick) on a frdmk64F (Cortex M4) Bastian S. 0
Digital Mixer implementation for DUC/DDC ATIF JAVED 1
New member!! Jessica Jung 1
Combinatorial logic Julian Mortimer 0
Filesystem for NOR flash Peter Ivanov 0
Want to join us? Can you develop a sleep-tracker like wearable? Alex Ander 0
Count number of more than 4 consecutive zeros Usman Ashraf 4
4-bit counter simulation problem Paolo 2
simple syntax error near clk Rock Bog 11
QSPI - STM32F7 Petr Klaun 15
how to program mojo plus board with ise design Pouya Nosratkhah 1
Implement FIR filter in verilog using FDA tool Usman Ashraf 5
Help in simulating ALU with register file Fadi CPP 0
how to scale output of butterfly unit radix 2 for further stages Pravesh Rathee 2
RS232 from http://www.lothar-miller.de. SparkyT 1
I2C/TWI and FreeRTOS on Arduino Mega2560 / AVR Oliver G. 0
An array of std_logic_vector driven by two processes. Pablo Picasso 2
pcb welcome to our website Dahsui Huida 2