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von Dominic M. (dominic_m)

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can someone please help me get the right files for this project.I have 
the files but its not up to the mark with the capacitor readings.Thanks.

von Timofonic T. (timofonic_t)

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The English section needs some love, I think ;)

von The C. (thecombo)

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Total novice here.

Could anyone help me understand what might be needed to adapt this for 
use with the flipper zero? Is this a totally foolish thought?

I figure with the GPIO and LCD alone, an addon board could be created 
using a standalone ATmega, etc... additionally, you can optionally set 
5v on GPIO, which iirc would be of benefit.

I saw other project that use the STM32 to lesser effect and seeing that 
the Flipper Zero uses the STM32WB55, I was curious if that could be 
leveraged too.

welcoming any input, even if it's confirming this as a foolish idea.

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