Forum: Analog Circuits Repair of a Li-Ion Charger for a lawn mower

von Sepp (sebhuaba)

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Hello together,

I try to repair a charger.
The type is a Al-ko 38.4Li with 42V and 1,8A output.

The fuse after the 230V input is ok. All other parts has no visuell 
damage and the shallbreakpoints are all good.

Only the Mosfet has a red/violett substance outside. I was not sure if 
it is the dielectric inside or just a glue to fixe a plastic tube/sleeve 
on the drain.
I will attach a picture of this built in situation.
I cleaned up the red substance it was easy with spirit.
The type is a JCS10N60FT the bottom line is also Gf E32. First of all my 
question is. Does the Gf E32 discripe the type or is it just something 
like a production/manufacturing charge number? Because i can only find 
Mosfets with JC10N60FT.

Second question. Can I use a normal thermal paste for CPUs between the 
cooling aluminum angle and the Mosfet. I have a Arctic MX2 or MX4 at 

I live in germany. I just found sources for the JCS10N60FT in china 
(aliexpress) and LCSS i think it is in US.

Can you give me a explanation if i can replace this Mosfet with other 
types that are in stock at german suppliers?

Do you think the Mosfet is the only damaged part at the platine, or are 
there often parts that get damaged to, when the mosfet get damaged?

Thank you in advance for your help

Kind regards

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