Forum: FPGA, VHDL & Verilog Assertion Error in $RTOI Verilog function

von Cainã (cainao)

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I'm creating a combinational multiplier and I wrote it in Verilog, but 
I'm having an unusual error. My simulation tool runs the code ok with 
testbench, but the logic synthesis tool shows the error "Internal 
assertion failure. (VER-37)". I tested and the error is found on line 
23, specifically in the $RTOI function, but I didn't find a way to fix 
it. I'm usign Synopsis tools.

All i want is get the rounded square of a number and use it to build my 

von Vancouver (vancouver)

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Internal errors usually mean that there is really a bug in the synthesis 
tool. Can you try another tool, like Vivado? I don't understand the 
details of your code, but there is no reason why $rtoi() should fail 

Instead of $rtoi() you could use a simple integer casting just to see if 
that passes the synthesis. And then you could write your own version of 
$rtoi() and file a ticket at Synopsys.

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