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von Dan (danbaws)

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I am working on a DE10_LITE Terasic on Intel Quartus Prime. I need some 
help regarding my code.
What should it do specifically is it should add from switches when I 
press a button. Switches are like 2^switchnumber
For example, I have switch[0] - it adds me to the number shown on board 
1 (2^0)
I have multiple switches on, switch[2], switch[3] - it shows on board 
now 4+8=12, but with the previous one, 13.
Okay I have made my code, but it does not seem to work.
I have added the full zip in Quartus. The files .v are also in there so 
you can check them without having to install quartus.

Thank you for your help.

von Rick D. (rickdangerus)

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Did you try your code in a simulator first?
A logic simulator is the first debugging tool for FPGA design...

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