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von John C. (john_car)

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Hey there,
so I recently build this usb-pd powerbank from greatscott (maybe you 
know him)...
Because my bicycle has not light and I have a SmartArray Q12 neutral 
white LED-Modul laying around (I dont even know why) and now also this 
powerbank that I could use, I would like to create a DIY bicycle light 
with an arduino. The led runs with 9V and up to 12 W, the pcb from the 
powerbank can output up to 18 W, so that's absolutley fine I think. But 
I would like to dim the led(for example when the bike is just standing 
the led should be darker and when I drive the bike the led should get 
brighter) and the datasheet says: LED is dimmable, but I don't know how 
to do that :(

Does anyone has an idea?


Link to
Video: https://youtu.be/yEbbhTw0knoED

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John C. wrote:
> Does anyone has an idea?
One thread is enough.
See Beitrag "LED dimmen und Fahrradlicht"

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