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von Jyrki K. (Company: none) (dzy)

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I'm trying to implement something similar to this: 

I've disassembled one EPROM from the TNC155A cnc controller that reads 
the electronic handwheel but it's a bit tedious trying to figure out the 
protocol from that. I've managed to find out the baud rate, number of 
stop bits and parity settings from my disassembly and scoping the clk 
signal on the TNC155A board.

Would anyone have some info on the protocol for the Heidenhain 
electronic handwheel?

edit: Handwheel interfaces to the controller on the gfx board. There is 
TMS9995 cpu and a TMS9902 serial interface device. INT1 is used for 
character reception (5 bytes max or so it looks like)
INTR01 WP is at 0xdc00

INTR01 STCR *r1+,8
       SBO  18

From the disassembly listing I gathered that the serial interface runs 
at 38400 baud, one stop bit, even parity and 8-bits of data (TMS9902 
reset and setup code was easily found)

TMS9902RST LI   r12,>0000
           SBO  31
           LDCR @TMS9902_08,8
           SBZ  13
           LDCR @TMS9902_BC,12  
           MOV  r12,@>dc18  
           LI   r5,>0050  
           LI   r1,>dc04  
           MOV  r5,*r1+  
           CLR  *r1+  
           CLR  *r1+  
           CLR  *r1+  
           CLR  *r1+  
           MOV  r5,*r1+ 
           CLR  *r1+  
           CLR  *r1+ 
           CLR  *r1+ 
           CLR  *r1 
           LI   r5,>dc05
           MOV  r5,@>dc02 
           B    *r11

TMS9902_08 DATA >a300 ; TMS9902 %10100011 (1 stop bit even parity clk div by 3 8-bits) %00000000
TMS9902_BC DATA >000d ; TMS9902 LRDR register %00000000 %00001101 (((3MHz)/3)/13)/2 = 38461 baud

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von Jyrki K. (Company: none) (dzy)

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I managed to find out that the controller accepts PLC commands still 
some things to figure out.


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