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von none (Guest)

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Could a native speaker please elaborate on the usage of above terms?
The German equivalent is "Regelung" in the sense of closed-loop control.
The other meaning is more in the sense of an agreement or rules/law that 
I would translate as "regulation".
But, it also seems to be used for technical "stuff" e.g. 

Then, there is the German word "Steuerung" in the sense of open-loop 
control, but I think there's no single-word equivalent.

Dictionary sites usually don't reveal the nuances at first sight.


von Stephen A. (stephenadams)

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The answer is we call them controls as they are visible "handles" to 
make something remote happen.
I have download the german version and was looking for a replacement 
english version, and an english manual that would help me to make more 
"meters", as I do not think the current ones would sit happily with my 
I want a slider that is left/right, rather than up/down.
I also want a steering wheel!

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