Forum: Off Topic Could Someone Give me Guidance on Embedded Systems Development for IoT Projects?

von Sofiya W. (sofiya354)

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Hello there,

As a newcomer to this exciting field; I find myself encountering various 
challenges and questions along the way. Hence; I am reaching out to this 
esteemed community in the hopes of gathering insights; tips; and perhaps 
even mentorship to navigate through this journey more effectively.

To provide a bit of context; my background primarily lies in software. I 
have dabbled in software development extensively; the realm of embedded 
systems presents a whole new set of intricacies that I am eager to 

I am looking for recommendations on microcontrollers; sensors; and other 
hardware components suitable for IoT applications. Factors such as power 
consumption; connectivity options; and ease of programming are crucial 

While I am proficient in [aws 
devops](https://www.igmguru.com/cloud-computing/aws-devops-training/), I 
am curious about the most commonly used languages and frameworks in 
embedded systems development. Additionally, any resources or tutorials 
for beginners would be highly appreciated.

I am torn between using a Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) and 
programming directly on bare metal for my projects. What are the 
advantages and drawbacks of each approach, especially concerning 
resource utilization and project scalability?

As I start on this journey; I am eager to learn from your experiences. 
What are some best practices you have discovered in embedded systems 
development? Conversely; what common pitfalls should I be wary of?

If you have any intriguing project ideas or examples of successful IoT 
implementations; Hearing about real-world applications can provide 
invaluable inspiration and guidance.

Thank you in advance for your time and support.

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