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von Daniel C. (Company: NON) (r_daniel)

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What are the reasons that the system I designed will work exactly in the 
simulation, at the same time you will not see errors, but after burning 
the system will not work on the board.

What do you start looking for in the code at such a stage?

von Gustl B. (-gb-)

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There can be plenty of errors you will not see in simulation.

Your simulation looks like something with SPI or I2C. So you have to 
build the external slave device in the testbench as well. With correct 
timing and startup configuration.

Often some signals just don't match the testbench. Clock frequency 
higher or lower, ...

But you may show more code. Just upload all your HDL and the testbench 
so we can simulate as well.

von Lothar M. (Company: Titel) (lkmiller) (Moderator)

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Daniel C. wrote:
> What are the reasons
The usual way to get there is by ignoring the warnings and infos 
reported by the toolchain when generating the bitstream file.

> What do you start looking for
The report files: are there any obscure warnings or infos? And the RTL 
schematic: does the synthesizers schematic look like your idea?

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