Forum: Off Topic Update: Virtual 3D Nixie Clock as website for PC and phone. Live demo incl.

von 🕵︎ Joachim L. (Guest)

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Update: Added swap button for fiver to swap between aesthetic/original 
IN14 five as some people prefer a "real" five. Background is that the 
original IN14 uses the same template for 2 and for 5 with one of them 
turned upside down in order to lower production cost and because back in 
these days it was considered sufficient. The swap 5 button acts as a 
toggle and swaps forth and back each time it is pressed.

Valid for phones only: Here the swap button only works in initial 
unzoomed state. To unzoom turn phone from landscape orientation to 
upright and back. Tap button until the button shows a red outline (might 
take a couple of tries). Then just tap it again to toggle. As long as 
its outlined red the button is normally receptive. The problem comes 
most likely from the Koui menu system i have used. Use this workaround 
until i implement a remedy. That´s it.
I made a Nixie clock using Blender and Armory3D, which i would like to 
share. Please give it a shot and tell me your opinions. It has already 
got 136 hits 21 hours after upload. So, to my delight and inspiration to 
continue similar projects, people seem to like it. Modifications or 
variations to it are relatively easy, meaning constructive suggestions 
are always welcome. I already got a proposal in the German mc forum to 
give Panaplex a try, which i will seriously consider.

See Armory3D forum thread for the link to the Live version. Should run 
just everywhere on a system with a 3D capable browser like Firefox, 
Chromium, Edge. Compiled as a website it is OS agnostic. Meaning it runs 
on any OS.


and as a bonus a simple LED clock Live demo.


If somebody would prefer a standalone executable, i have already binary 
releases for Linux and Windows ready. Just ask and i will upload it to 
Github. They are around 20 to 25 MB each. However once you loaded the 
web version you can shut down the Internet connection. As long as you 
don´t close the browser window it will continue to run. So IMHO 
standalone is not really necessary.

Have fun!

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