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von Andreas B. (a_ndreas)

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Hello Forum

long story short, yesterday i bricked my Mini-PC while flashing the 
BIOS. Now I have learned that an MXIC (MX25U12873F) 1.8V, 128M-BIT [x 
1/x 2/x 4] CMOS MXSMIO  (SERIAL MULTI I/O) FLASH MEMORY is used to store 
the BIOS.

I cant find any valuable information on how to flash the IC -the right- 
way. The IC is an 8-pin SOP soldered on board. I have the image file but 
no clue to flash the IC.

I whish to reprogram the IC using the BIOS image provided, in hopes to 
revive the mini-pc.

The manufacturers data-sheet can be found here: 

I tried hard on ebay and amazon to find a suitable Serial EEPROM & FLASH 
PROGRAMMER for this specific IC from MXIC but im not sure which 
programmer is to pick.

any help appreciated
thanks in advance


von A. B. (Guest)

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That's a rather standard SPI flash, so almost all programmers available 
for SPI flash devices will do - except it's 1.8V only, so you have to 
look for a programmer supporting that supply level.

Another option is to get a Nucleo-Board with 1.8V option like 
Nucleo-H7A3ZI-Q, -H723ZG, -H743ZI2, jumper it to VDD 1.8V and use to use 
OpenOCD with QSPI driver (built in on recent versions) or with patch 

The main obstacle in both cases is to remove the chip from the 
mainboard, attach it to the programmer (by a test socket) and later 
solder it to the mainboard again. That's not trivial if you don't have 
some experience in (de-) soldering. To program it on the mainboard is 
possible theoretically but requires some precautions (keeping the 
mainboard's connections in high-impedance state etc.)

So, it boild downs to this rather mechanical issue ... Do you have any 
experience regarding that? If not, the question regarding a programmer 
is rather pointless, I'm afraid.

von john mil's (Guest)

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i having problems with my motherboard. it runs very slow. and i try to 
update it. i use bios flash. and it installs corectly.. sadenly.. arter 
the restart my board wont display anymore... what im ganna do?? my 
motherboad is A320M PRO-VH PLUS.. MY PROCESSOR IS AMD A6 9500 series.. 
its no use anymore.

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