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von Priya M. (priya)

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1. How is CAN frame timing handled in Can network ?
Is it cyclic or triggered? How is frame handled in HMI interface like 
button ress from an user? How do you ensure that signal pressed is not 
What is repetition time and inhibit time concept to send frame ?
2. Repetition time : This is the standard transmission time for every 
PGN, if no signal value was changed.
3. Inhibit time The inhibit time is the minimum time between two 
transmissions of the same PGN.
I didnot understand what 2 and 3 means ? can someone please give an 

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von Achim M. (minifloat)

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Priya M. wrote:
> Is it cyclic or triggered?

It can be cyclic or triggered or a combination of them. For example, 
you'd send 'no change in buttons state' periodically every 250msec, but 
send a triggered frame on change of the button status.

With this concept alone, pressing x>2 buttons slightly one after the 
other, would generate x triggered messages. This wastes bus load and 
uses up full bus capacity in a short time span.

To avoid that, after every change of button status a inhibit time e.g. 
50msec before sending new triggered or the next periodic frames is 

br mf

von Parjana (Guest)

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1. time quanta / bit rate

2. not CAN specific

3. not CAN specific

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