Forum: ARM programming with GCC/GNU tools How do you program arm processors?

von Jayesh S. (jayeshshetty)

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When its comes to AVR programming, its rather obvious how to program 
them, you use an avr programmer. But when it comes to ARM, i havent 
found anything on what you need to program / how to program arm chips.

von ARM Programmer (Guest)

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von PittyJ (Guest)

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NXP has a serial protocol, and USB mass-storage (simulated filesystem).
No need for JTAG.

von JojoS (Guest)

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STLink, LPCLink, JLink, BlackMagicProbe,...
there are plenty of programmers. And for SWD/JTAG, there is no 
distinction between programmers and debug probes.

von 1234567890 (Guest)

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With a programmer...

von W.S. (Guest)

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Jayesh S. wrote:
> But when it comes to ARM, i havent
> found anything on what you need to program / how to program arm chips.

Some chips have a builtin boot-loader: You only need a COM port, for 
example a USB-to-serial device like ftdi or other brand. Cheap solution, 
somewhat slower than SWD due to the slower bitrate of a COM port.

So, in detail:

- The LPC from NXP, programmable with 'FlashMagic'. Use google, 
FlashMagic is free downloadable and usable.

-  The STM32Fxxx, programmable with: my own 'STM32Prog', downloadable on 
www.mikrocontroller.net, subforum 'projekte&code', also with old 'erfos' 
programmer, also with a piece of software from ST somewhat like 
'bootloader demonstrator' or so.

- The chips from Nuvoton are somewhat special: they provide on the chip 
a flash-area of 4K bytes or so (called LDROM), which is outside of the 
common flash. In this LDROM you can install a bootloader of your own. 
Nuvoton provides ready made bootloaders, but I do not know, if they 
are pre-programmed in the chips on delivery.

Usually ALL modern Cortex chips are programmable with a suitable 
JTAG/SWD programming dongle, as there are: Segger's J-Link (VERY 
expensive!), Segger's J-Link-edu (expensive) and China-clones of them 
(not expensive, but...)
The original Segger parts also program older ARM devices, which have no 

The Chip-manufacturers (NXP, Nuvoton, ST) use to provide also dongles 
like ST-Link, Nu-Link etc. - but this devices usually do the job only 
with chips from the particular company.

Finally: using chips with bootloader you only need a cheap standard 
electronics like a USB to Serial converter, the programming algorithm is 
published and there are at least some independent programming Apps to do 
the job. With JTAG/SWD you need special electronics, the programming 
algorithms are usually not published by the manufacturers and the good 
programmers are expensive or even VERY expensive.

That's it.


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