Forum: ARM programming with GCC/GNU tools Hard Fault Error

von Tobias (Guest)

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Hello There,

I'm currently trying to program an P-Nucleo-WB55MB1355C with the IDE 
STm32Cube. Now I've ran a few examples and they all worked fine but when 
I try to create my own projekt and debug it. The program immediately 
jumps into the Hard Fault Handler, it doesn't even get to the main() 

I tried everything that came to my mind and I'm despairing because I 
didn't find any sollution even online. I hope some of you has some idea 
what is going on.

von Lothar M. (Company: Titel) (lkmiller) (Moderator)

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Tobias wrote:
> I hope
Why not trying the German part of the forum?
Or much better there:

> I tried everything that came to my mind
And pls add some information about the things you tried and with what 
you tried them (e.g. toolchain, sourcecode, log outputs from the 
compiler etc...).

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