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Author: Marcel R. (marcelr)
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Dear community,

has anyone fabricated a 4Layer PCB with JLCPCB? On their website 
(https://jlcpcb.com/capabilities/Capabilities), they say that the

*minimum trace-width is 3.5mil
*minimum trace-to-trace distance is 3.5mil

Unfortunately, JLCPCB rejected my PCB and replied as followed:
Hello Sir ,
Many thanks for your order . But sorry to bother you . 
As the picture ,we found the trace width and trace clearance is only 0.089mm ,and the spacing between traces is too small ,we need Min.0.25mm spacing . 
Below are some information.
The minimum via diameter : 0.45mm 

The Min drill hole :Min. 0.3mm for 2-layer board ,Min. 0.2mm for 4-layer/6layer board
Trace width and trace clearance :Min. 0.1mm 


The spacing from trace to through pads : Min 0.127MM
The spacing from hole to trace :Min. 0.25mm
The spacing from hole to hole :Min. 0.25mm
These specs differ greatly from the official ones, right? Firstly, a 
100um trace width corresponds to 3.9mil and not 3.5mil as opposed to 
their website. Secondly, a trace-to-trace spacing of 0.25 (I assume they 
measure from mid trace to mid trace) is also significantly larger.

Anyone have/had similar problems with JLCPCB, so far?

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Author: Georg (Guest)
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Marcel R. wrote:
> *minimum trace-to-trace distance is 3.5mil

Marcel R. wrote:
> the spacing between traces is too small ,we need Min.0.25mm spacing .

Many manufacturers have different classes and different prices for them 
- smaller design rules result in higher prices. May be you ordered PCBs 
with 0.25 mm spacing and you could also have 3,5 mil spacing, but for a 
substantially higher price.

But the correct answer you can only get from the manufacturer himself.



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