Forum: µC & Digital Electronics STM32H7 real-time data tracing via SWD not working

von Solocan Z. (solocan)

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Hello community,

I'm desperately trying to get my new Nucleo H743ZI real time data 
tracing work. No success since 3 days.

Flashing and asynchron debug (Start/Pause/Watch variables on pausing) 
work. BUT the real-time data tracing using SWD with onboard STLINK 
debugger doesn't work -whether software tracing (printf) nor hardware 
tracing (watch variables with SWV). I simply get no data transmitted 
from MCU when program is running...Please see screenshots with configs 
and explanations.

Toolchain: CubeMX->Atollic 
TrueStudio->USB->STLink->MCU->SWD->STLink->USB->Atollic TrueStudio 
(Windows 10).

What I tried:

-Many official tutorials  Data sheets  Application notes including:
-printf() function redirected as described in many manuals
-Reading SWIO Pin PB3 with oscilloscope (No edges detected)
-Reading STLINK Jumpers with oscilloscope (Edges detected)
-Other IDEs SW4STM32 (No success)
-Serial wire viewer of STLINK (nothing shown)
-Tried debugger and builder / optimization settings. (Still no success)

See screenshots for detailed description and the configurations.

Please help me finding the cause of this issue. I appreciate every hint 
and suggestion.

Thank you very much

von A. B. (Guest)

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Solocan Z. wrote:
> -Reading SWIO Pin PB3 with oscilloscope (No edges detected)

You mean SWO (PB3), not SWIO, I guess? Well, that's not exactly 
real-time trace data. But anyway, look there:


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