Forum: Off Topic Alternatives to NXP MIFARE DESFire RFID cards?

von Sören K. (burnersk)

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Currently I have some NXP MIFARE DESFire EV1 and EV2 RFID cards around 
to play with. The default stuff (ISO commands) works but I only 
discovered the commands by reverse engineering public available 

The official "datasheet" (or like NXP calls it: "short data sheet") is 
just a product flyer without any intel. To receive the real datasheet, I 
have to register with NXP DocStore. However the agents there always 
rejecting my registration due to I am an private individual and not a 
company and so on.

So I got really angry with NXP and decided to not use their products 
anymore. No other company act the way NXP does to me. For example to 
receive NDA documents by TI or ST, you just download the NDA form from 
the homepage, sign it, scan it, and upload it. One hour after that, you 
receive the confirmation and can access the NDA downloads. NXP however 
seems to be focused to much on big players and misses opportunities with 
small companies and makers.

Anyway... I would like to address the following question to those, who 
have experience with secure RFID chip cards:

What are the alternatives to NXP MIFARE DESFire RFID cards?

Especially I need the following features:

* at least 4k (protected storage) version, but 8k would be more 
* multiple (at least 8) applications per card
* individual read/write/config keys per each individual application
* AES encrypted tunnels (authentication and data channels) between card 
and terminal
* broadly "audited" by the community (tried but not successful 
hacked/cloned the card)
* NOT an NXP chip, so I can get real datasheets on which I can start 
developing applications.

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