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von Drink cooling System with am Peltier (Guest)

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Hey Guys,
I want to build a cooler for alcoholic drinks like Jägermeister or such 
things. I tried to rebuild a Jägermeister Tap machine. If you dont know 
what i mean, here is a picture of this machine: 

They bring the Jägermeister down to a temprature of about -15°C oder 
even cooler.
So I just tried to use a alluminium Case ( Volume about 0.4 liter), 
isolatet it against the temprature around and cooled the hole case with 
jägermeister in it, with a Peltier Element (TEC 12712 TEC1- 12712). The 
other Side of the Peltier was connectet to a water cooling system. But 
sadly the tempreture inside the Case only reached about minus -3°C
I hope you guys can help me to get the system better.
the picture shows the Project right now, the gren tubes are used as 
In-/output of the jägermeister in/out of the Case. The microcontrollers 
are not important. The Trafo is a 12V 15V trafo an directly contacted to 
the peltier element.

von Lukas D. (irzi)

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Oh I just forgot to log in ^^ ups, i edited this post:D also sorry for 
the bad englisch. I am no native speaker :P

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