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von Ho O. (Company: dh su pham ky thuat tphcm) (hothimongoanh)

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Hi there

I just did some projects about image processing used VHDL. But i don't 
know about there code. Could u help me pls?


von Lothar M. (lkmiller) (Moderator)

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Ho O. wrote:
> Could u help me pls?
Not with the information you provided.

A first hint for some useful information:
What specific problem with what VHDL code on what hardware with what 
toolchain do you have? What do you ecpext and what do you get instead?

von Ho O. (Company: dh su pham ky thuat tphcm) (hothimongoanh)

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I do not know what to use algorithms to compress images using VHDL code.
Could you show me some way?

von Strubi (Guest)

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A tip: Start by looking at JPEG compression C code.
Then try to translate the core DCT into HDL (yes, without using HLS!).
Likewise, you can also look at various RLE (run length encoding) or 
huffman coding in principle (you'll need that for the JPEG at a later 
stage). Reserve at least half a year to hack yourself into the matter. 
Then come back with questions.

von Van Loi Le (Guest)

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Please visit my tutorial here:
I can help you on some DSP projects.

von david luis (Guest)

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FPGA digital design projects using Verilog/ VHDL

Getting various free FPGA projects and Verilog/ VHDL source code, 
offering services for any urgent Assignment/ Projects

You might like this:
Verilog code for a Carry Look Ahead Multiplier
Verilog HDL implementation of a Micro-controller (similar to MICROCHIP 
PIC12) (Part 1)
(Part-2- Architecture design)
Verilog code for a microcontroller (Part-3)
16-bit Processor CPU design and implementation in LogiSim
A multi-cycle 32-bit divider on FPGA using Verilog HDL
Image processing on FPGA using Verilog HDL
Programmable N-bit switch tail ring counter (VHDL behavior and 
structural code with testbench)
Verilog code for 4x4 Multiplier using two-phase self-clocking system
VHDL code for digital clock on FPGA
Verilog code for a parking system using Finite State Machine (FSM)
Verilog code for Traffic light controller
Verilog code for Alarm clock on FPGA
VHDL code for the 8-bit Comparator
Matrix Multiplication Design using VHDL and Xilinx Core Generator
Two ways to load a text file into FPGA or the initial values to a memory 
in Verilog/ VHDL (synthesizable)
Plate License Recognition Verilog/Matlab Implementation on FPGA Xilinx 


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