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von David (Guest)

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Dear Community,

I have to apologize if this is not the right section for this question, 
but I didn't know which topic would be the right one.

My Task is the following. I have a Raspberry Pi and want to connect the 
GPIO Pins of the Raspberry with a connector of a Laser (for RS232 
communication). But the connector of the laser is much smaller. In the 
documentation of the laser the connector is listed as:
"User’s connector on transponder board: Samtec P/N CLM-107-02-H-D-K-TR 
or equivalent. This connector is equivalent to CLM 107-2-X-D with 
additional plating for GR1217 metallurgical compliance."

What I am looking for is some intermediate connector/adapter to somehow 
allow me to use wires (like this: 
to connect the Raspberry with the Laser. But wires of this size won't 
fit into the small connector. At my local electronics store (Conrad) 
they didn't have a connector small enough to fit. I don't know the right 
terms to look for such a part, so I hope someone could help me or at 
least tell me the name of the part I might be looking for.



von Schlumpf (Guest)

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Why don´t you use a soldering iron and make your own adaptor?

von Georg (Guest)

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David wrote:
> What I am looking for is some intermediate connector/adapter to somehow
> allow me to use wires (like this:

That will be impossible, because these Wires will never fit into such a 
small connector. A practical approach is to make a cable with a 
connector for Pi I/O at one end (female, not male!!) and a samtec 
connector at the other end.

Schlumpf wrote:
> make your own adaptor

What he needs is a cable. If he uses an adapter, the cable is still 


von ./. (Guest)

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Have a look at Samtecs parametric search and apply for
"Mating Connector" and search for Your connector type.

With the mating connector it should be easily possible
to construct a matching adapter to whatever You like...

German Sprichwort:
"Adapter wachsen nicht an Bäumen."


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