Forum: FPGA, VHDL & Verilog 8 bit baugh wooley signed multiplier wrong output for few signed numbers

von Madhuri J. (Company: Student) (madhuri)

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Hi there !

I was just trying to simulate an 8*8 signed baugh Wooley multiplier and 
I am getting proper output for unsigned numbers
For few signed numbers I am getting it right while for the rest I am not 

for eg if the conditions are x[0]=0 and y[7]=0
                             x[0]=1 and y[7]=1
                             x[0]=1 and y[7]=0  I am getting right 
Can anyone please help me find where I am missing out?

Any quick help is greatly acknowledged!

// 8-bit by 8-bit Baugh-Wooley signed multiplier

module BWSM(x, y, p);

input  [7:0] x, y;
output [15:0] p;

supply0 zero;
supply1 one;

wire [7:1]p1;
wire [7:1]p2;
wire [7:1]p3;
wire [7:1]p4;
wire [7:1]p5;
wire [7:1]p6;
wire [8:1]p7;
wire [9:1]p8;

wire [7:1]c1;
wire [7:1]c2;
wire [7:1]c3;
wire [7:1]c4;
wire [7:1]c5;
wire [7:1]c6;
wire [8:1]c7;
wire [9:1]c8;

// structural description of the multiplier circuit
assign p[0] = x[0]&y[0];
full_adder f1_1(p1[1] , c1[1], x[1] & y[0],  zero,x[0] & y[1]);  assign 
full_adder f1_2(p1[2], c1[2],x[2] & y[0], zero,x[1] & y[1]);
full_adder f1_3(p1[3], c1[3],x[3] & y[0],zero, x[2] & y[1] );
full_adder f1_4(p1[4], c1[4],x[4] & y[0], zero, x[3] & y[1] );
full_adder f1_5(p1[5], c1[5],x[5] & y[0], zero, x[4] & y[1] );
full_adder f1_6(p1[6], c1[6],x[6] & y[0], zero, x[5] & y[1]);
full_adder f1_7(p1[7], c1[7],x[7] & y[0], zero, x[6] & y[1]);

full_adder f2_1(p2[1] , c2[1],p1[2], c1[1], x[0] & y[2]);      assign 
full_adder f2_2(p2[2] , c2[2],p1[3], c1[2], x[1] & y[2]);
full_adder f2_3(p2[3] , c2[3] ,p1[4], c1[3], x[2] & y[2]);
full_adder f2_4(p2[4] , c2[4],  p1[5], c1[4], x[3] & y[2]);
full_adder f2_5(p2[5] , c2[5],  p1[6], c1[5], x[4] & y[2]);
full_adder f2_6(p2[6] , c2[6] ,p1[7], c1[6], x[5] & y[2]);
full_adder f2_7(p2[7] , c2[7] ,x[7] & ~y[1], c1[7], x[6] & y[2]);

full_adder f3_1(p3[1] , c3[1] , p2[2], c2[1], x[0] & y[3]);      assign 
full_adder f3_2(p3[2] , c3[2] ,p2[3], c2[2], x[1] & y[3]);
full_adder f3_3(p3[3] , c3[3] , p2[4], c2[3], x[2] & y[3]);
full_adder f3_4(p3[4] , c3[4] , p2[5], c2[4], x[3] & y[3]);
full_adder f3_5(p3[5] , c3[5] ,p2[6], c2[5], x[4] & y[3]);
full_adder f3_6(p3[6] , c3[6] ,p2[7], c2[6], x[5] & y[3]);
full_adder f3_7(p3[7] , c3[7] ,x[7] & ~y[2], c2[7], x[6] & y[3]);

full_adder f4_1(p4[1] , c4[1] , p3[2], c3[1], x[0] & y[4]);      assign 
full_adder f4_2(p4[2] , c4[2] ,p3[3], c3[2], x[1] & y[4]);
full_adder f4_3(p4[3] , c4[3] ,p3[4], c3[3], x[2] & y[4]);
full_adder f4_4(p4[4] , c4[4] ,p3[5], c3[4], x[3] & y[4]);
full_adder f4_5(p4[5] , c4[5] ,p3[6], c3[5], x[4] & y[4]);
full_adder f4_6(p4[6] , c4[6] , p3[7], c3[6], x[5] & y[4]);
full_adder f4_7(p4[7] , c4[7] ,x[7] & ~y[3], c3[7], x[6] & y[4]);

full_adder f5_1(p5[1] , c5[1],p4[2], c4[1], x[0] & y[5] );     assign 
full_adder f5_2(p5[2] , c5[2] ,p4[3], c4[2], x[1] & y[5]);
full_adder f5_3(p5[3] , c5[3] ,p4[4], c4[3], x[2] & y[5]);
full_adder f5_4(p5[4] , c5[4] ,p4[5], c4[4], x[3] & y[5]);
full_adder f5_5(p5[5] , c5[5] , p4[6], c4[5], x[4] & y[5]);
full_adder f5_6(p5[6] , c5[6], p4[7], c4[6], x[5] & y[5] );
full_adder f5_7(p5[7] , c5[7] ,x[7] & ~y[4], c4[7], x[6] & y[5]);

full_adder f6_1(p6[1] , c6[1] ,p5[2], c5[1], x[0] & y[6]);     assign 
full_adder f6_2(p6[2] , c6[2], p5[3], c5[2], x[1] & y[6]);
full_adder f6_3(p6[3] , c6[3] ,p5[4], c5[3], x[2] & y[6]);
full_adder f6_4(p6[4] , c6[4] ,p5[5], c5[4], x[3] & y[6]);
full_adder f6_5(p6[5] , c6[5] ,p5[6], c5[5], x[4] & y[6]);
full_adder f6_6(p6[6] , c6[6] , p5[7], c5[6], x[5] & y[6]);
full_adder f6_7(p6[7] , c6[7] , x[7] & ~y[5], c5[7], x[6] & y[6]);

full_adder f7_1(p7[1] , c7[1] ,p6[2], c6[1], ~x[0] & y[7]);
full_adder f7_2(p7[2] , c7[2] ,p6[3], c6[2], ~x[1] & y[7]);
full_adder f7_3(p7[3] , c7[3] ,p6[4], c6[3], ~x[2] & y[7]);
full_adder f7_4(p7[4] , c7[4] ,p6[5], c6[4], ~x[3] & y[7]);
full_adder f7_5(p7[5] , c7[5] ,p6[6], c6[5], ~x[4] & y[7]);
full_adder f7_6(p7[6] , c7[6] ,p6[7], c6[6], ~x[5] & y[7]);
full_adder f7_7(p7[7] , c7[7] ,x[7] & ~y[6], c6[7], ~x[6] & y[7]);
full_adder f7_8(p7[8] , c7[8] ,~x[7], ~y[7], x[7] & y[7]);

full_adder f8_1(p8[1] , c8[1] ,p7[1], x[7] , y[7] );
full_adder f8_2(p8[2] , c8[2] ,p7[2], c7[1], c8[1]);
full_adder f8_3(p8[3] , c8[3] ,p7[3], c7[2], c8[2]);
full_adder f8_4(p8[4] , c8[4] , p7[4], c7[3], c8[3]);
full_adder f8_5(p8[5] , c8[5] ,p7[5], c7[4], c8[4]);
full_adder f8_6(p8[6] , c8[6] ,p7[6], c7[5], c8[5]);
full_adder f8_7(p8[7] , c8[7], p7[7], c7[6], c8[6] );
full_adder f8_8(p8[8] , c8[8], p7[8], c7[7], c8[7]);
full_adder f8_9(p8[9] , c8[9] , one , c7[8], c8[8]);

assign p[7]=p8[1];
assign p[8]=p8[2];
assign p[9]=p8[3];
assign p[10]=p8[4];
assign p[11]=p8[5];
assign p[12]=p8[6];
assign p[13]=p8[7];
assign p[14]=p8[8];
assign p[15]=p8[9];



module BWSM_TEST();

  reg[7:0] x, y;
 wire[15:0] p;

BWSM bb1(x,y,p);
initial  $monitor($time,"x=%d,y=%d,p=%d",x,y,p);
   #20 begin x= 10; y=5; end
    #20 begin x= 12; y=1;end
    #20  begin x= 7; y=6;end
    #20 begin  x=9; y=-2; end

   #20 begin x=-2; y=-6; end
    #20 begin x= -1; y=-3;end
    #20 begin  x=9; y=-3; end


   initial  begin #800 $finish;

von kunal mohod (Guest)

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hey Madhuri i can solve it...
but would you please send me the detailed Code in VHDL

von Lothar M. (lkmiller) (Moderator)

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kunal mohod wrote:
> but would you please send me the detailed Code in VHDL
Two things:
1. the thread is old like a zombie. The homework is done and forgotten.
2. the whole code is in Verilog. A solution in VHDL will not help 


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