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von BennieMa (Guest)

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in my company we are currently planing the kick-off event of a new 
handheld device (some mechanical buttons, some sensors and a ~256x128 
pixel LCD color display) and I am in charge to evaluate existing best 
practices to perform system and validation (CRS) tests beyond what we 
currently do. I mean, for unit testing this seems trivial, because the 
the test cases are written by the developers alone and we simply check 
code coverage. For the system tests and especially for validation tests, 
the problem seems to be more complex. We have a dedicated team of two 
testers which are responsible to develop and document all the test cases 
in DOORS. Both are expert Python programmers. But in previous projects 
both had problems to really "see" what is displayed on the LCD. Silly or 
not, sometimes it would have seen reasonable to use a camera to capture 
the LCD content and to do text recognition and content analysis on the 
captured frames. On the other hand, is somebody really using cameras for 
this? Does anybody of you has ever seen such a system? From searching 
around I have seen some solutions for the automotive sector, but I do 
suspect that they are much too special.

I would really appreciate any comments on that. Maybe I'm thinking much 
too complicated and I miss a much cheaper solution.

Thanks in advance, Bennie

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