Forum: Analog Circuits Input/output Filter for DC-DC power module

von E.P (Guest)

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Hello folks!

i am wondering about which input/output filtering stage is better to use 
for sensing applications where I need a very low switching noise and 
FPGA power supply tree. I need to convert from 24v to 5.5v and from 24v 
to 16v and Iout=2A. I have been thinking about these parts:

LMZ23603 (TI)
WPMDM1500602JT (Würth Electronic)
ADP3050   (AD)
LTM4609   (LT)

Another question is about the swithing frequency. I need to use 4 power 
modules in my POWER board, is it better to run all the power modules 
with the same switching frequency? Because if i dont have any big 
problem, related with the noise for example, I can use the same stage 
filtering for all the power modules.

If someone has a good recommendation for a power supply module with good 
performance, please don't hesitate to tell me.


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E.P wrote:
> please don't hesitate to tell me.
English questions in the english spoken part of the forum pls.

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