Forum: Off Topic Hiring: Experienced Researcher in Hardware Design / Electrical Engineering (3D Light-Field Displays)

von Peter K. (Company: Holografika) (holografika)

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Holografika is hiring:
Experienced Researcher
in Hardware Design / Electrical Engineering (3D Light-Field Displays)
see http://www.holografika.com/Company/Career.html#ER

Open position for an experienced researcher in the area of ASIC/FPGA 
design for implementing image pro-cessing algorithms for 3D light-field 
displays at Holografika, for one year. This position is for an 
Experienced Researcher (ER) in an EU-FP7 Marie Curie Action called 
PROLIGHT: Modern Signal Processing Methods for Ultra-Realistic 
Light-Field Displays.

Requirements for this position are as follows:
    MSc / PhD degree
    Experience with FPGA programming and / or ASIC design and related 
    Experience with electrical design tools, PCB design incl. high 
frequency design
    Confidence with oral and written English (to actively participate in 
international meetings, exhibitions)
    Orderliness and ability to work together in a small, sharp team
    Willingness to travel
    Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English

    Experience in scientific publications and international project work
    Experience with hardware prototyping, soldering, assembly
    Management experience in EU FP7 and other international project work
    Knowledge of Hungarian is an advantage

Dates and more:
Entrance is subject to the successful evaluation of candidate(s)
    Expected start date: 1st June 2015
    Duration is expected to be 1 year

ERs are remunerated according to EU-FP7 regulations for Marie Curie 
Actions as well as according to local host regulations. ER appointments 
will be made with respects to local host company guidelines. Same 
applies for other benefits and vacation days.

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