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von Gabriel (Guest)

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Please some help with this code, I dont know where is the problem, is 
giving me these errors:

Error: Node instance "TLong" instantiates undefined entity "OneShot"
Error: Node instance "TShort" instantiates undefined entity "OneShot"

here is the code...
library ieee;
use ieee.std_logic_1164.all;

entity TimerCircuits is 
port (LongTrig, ShortTrig, Clk: in std_logic;
TS,TL : buffer std_logic);
end entity TimerCircuits;

architecture TimerBehavior of TimerCircuits is 
component OneShot is 
port (enable, Clk : in std_logic;
    Duration : in integer range 0 to 25 ;
    QOut : buffer std_logic );

end component OneShot;

signal SetCountLong, SetCountShort: integer range 0 to 25; 
SetCountLong <= 25;
SetCountShort <=4;
TLong:OneShot port map (enable=>LongTrig, Clk=>Clk, Duration=>SetCountLong, QOut=>TL);
TShort:OneShot port map (enable=>ShortTrig, Clk=>Clk, Duration=>SetCountShort, QOut=>TS);
end architecture TimerBehavior;

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von Lothar M. (lkmiller) (Moderator)

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Gabriel wrote:
> here is the code...
It that all of the code?

> Error: Node instance "TLong" instantiates undefined entity "OneShot"
The entity "OneShot" is not known here in this module. You must 
implement an entity "OneShot" and include it in the build process.

> is giving me these errors:
What toolchain give you that error?

Next time try this:
  VHDL code


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