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von drake (Guest)

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Hi, I've just set up my new Hackintosh. The installation worked 
flawlessly. The only problem, that I have is, that audio isn't working. 
I tried to install the drivers with multibeast for mavericks. It was 
showing "Voodoo.kext" could not be installed. So that didn't work. And 
that's why I tried to install the audio driver with an older version of 
multi beast. That also didn't work.
Mainboard: ASRock H77m-itx
processor: i5-3470
ram: 8GB DDR3 @ 1600Mhz
Graphics: AMD HD7870 (works perfect. 3000fps in Nova-Benchark)

PLS. HELP!!!!!!!!

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von Frank K. (fchk)

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Wrong place! Ask on the tonymacx86.com forum - that is the place to 
discuss hackintosh problems.

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