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von Enrique P. (flote21)

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Hello everybody,

I need to implement in my PCB design something to make a diagnosis of 
itself. For example, cheking power supplies, signal frequencies, temp 
sensors and so on. I would like to ask if some one can give me some 
adivises to monitroze or check this stuffs. I was thinking to use a CAN 
BUS or an OTG cable like the in the automotive industry. But I don't 
know how much complicated can be. If some have another ideas, I would be 
very grateful to listen to...

Note: My board has already a Cyclone IV and one PIC controller: 18F45XX.


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von Sebastian (Guest)

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If you have JTAG, you can use it to test digital function and 
interconnection between JTAG-capable parts.
Power supplies can be testes by adding analog comparator circuits to 
check them against each other or a given reference.
Depending on whether you need this for a production test or as an 
integrated diagnostic feature, you may be inclined to think about 
loopback circuitry that simulates eventa or states that are otherwise 

von Enrique (Guest)

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thank you very much for your quick answer...
Yes I want to use the boards to for production testing, so the main 
thinks that I have to check are power suppiles, clocks and properly 
workings of ADCs Buffers, etc.
i am using a Jtag for programmin the FPGA so maybe I can use it for 
testing too....But I don´t know exactly how to do it. I will make some 
researches in internet. Some advise for starting, thank you.

von 6A66 (Guest)

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Enrique Perez wrote:
> I need to implement in my PCB design something to make a diagnosis of
> itself.

Hello Enrique,

I understand your request in this way that the board iteslf during 
operation shall diagnose the functionaltity (c.f. the board is tested 
druing production for functionality).
In that case it would be a starting point for you to sit down and check 
which funtions are required by your board and which are support 
functions. On the requred functions you should assess what problems may 
impact the performance of the function, how severe this impact is and 
how you can diagnose this and what you hould do against it. This is 
called FMEA (see internet).



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