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von Andreas H. (horn)

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Call for mentors and students for Google Summer of Code 2014! Google 
awards stipends of US$5500 to selected students

AerospaceResearch.net[0] accepts applications for mentors and students 
for Google Summer of Code (GSOC) 2014, now! As a mentor, you can realize 
your space software, and as a student you are coding it during the 
summer and are paid US$5500 by Google for it!

The application period for Mentors is open now and you can apply via 
[1]. So be creative and propose your idea and be a trustworthy mentor to 
a young and creative mind!

For you students, the application period starts 10 March and will end 21 
March. Prepare yourself and read our and all the other 190 
organizations' ideas. And then come back to AerospaceResearch.net, 
because we have the most awesome coding ideas for your. They are all 
space applications! Here is a brief overview:

    [SSGT-XX] Solar System Grand Tour (continuation of last year's GSOC 
    [DGSN-XX] Distributed Ground Station Network
    [COMT-XX] Comet Trails (supported by Institute of Space Systems, 
Stuttgart University)
    [SNET-XX] Sensor Networks (supported by RadioPunks)
    [DEOP-XX] Dynamical Evolution of Protoplanets

GSOC is an annual coding campaign, in which Google awards stipends (of 
US$5500) to selected students who work on free and open-source software 
projects for certain organizations during the summer. This year it is 
Google's 10th Summer of Code. It will be bigger and better! With this 
years 190 organizations, it tops last year's 177 open source projects 
and organizations who took part and mentored 1,192 students and their 
In general, GSOC is open for students aged 18 and older. It offers 
diverse projects ranging from software development for Wikipedia and 
Linux operating systems, to mobile platforms, to firmware and also 
academic work on basic algorithms. People can also mentor emerging 
developers during their three months of work and provide support and 
personal help.

On a private remark about GSOC 2013, AerospaceResearch.net was lucky to 
have been selected as an organization and mentoring three students. This 
was an "awesome and motivating" experience and we advise projects and 
students alike to visit GSOC 2014 website and apply! You can find our 
information and ideas via [1].
During GSOC 2013, we mentored 3 students who coded open-source space 
application. So this is your chance to combine three things you like 
during summer: space, programming and money. Of course Google looks for 
talented programmers like you!

Being a mentor is inspiring because you support great students and great 
space projects. Mentors are also invited to Google HQ in Mountain View 
(paid flight) to the mentors summit and get a tour. This is rewarding in 
many ways to be part of such a great campaign!
You, as a mentor or student, can propose and let your space project 
ideas be realized! So if you have coding ideas for your project, you can 
propose them to us and we will announce them on our ideas page to the 
coding GSOC students. Here is your chance to find further helping hands.

AerospaceResearch.net has open space for everyone!


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