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von Warp S. (Company: none) (palmpje)

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I recently discovered the site from Joerg Wolfram


and decided to build this project, I however want to keep things as 
simple as possible. Starting now with the hardware:

Would anybody know if I would build the little mini computer as the 
schema included, if I could still run Chipbasic8 or would I get any 

The only thing I imagine that could be critical is the I2c side, as this 
is used as a memory access I believe?

I've included also the original schema. I'm still on a learning curve 
with microcontrollers, but this seems a very fun project to do.

Thanks for every help

Kind Regards oder friendliche grussen ?

von matzetronics (Guest)

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E. D. wrote:
> The only thing I imagine that could be critical is the I2c side, as this
> is used as a memory access I believe?

Yes - as shown in the original circuit this is used as a 'Disk' Module 
(i read that as mass storage device). Probably you'll encounter errors 
if letting this part out. On the other hand its not that hard to add so 
i'd say just put in the small extra effort.

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von Warp S. (Company: none) (palmpje)

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Thanks for the reaction Matzetronics.

I want to build the most simple basic-computer that is possible. Just 
for the fun of it; with a minimal component count/low end/low price. In 
my opinion that would be;

- Atmega 88
- RCA connector for composite video
- PS2 connector for keyboard
- 20Mhz Cristal oscillator
- 330 R  1K  2K2 resistor
- 2x 22pF  2x 100nF  220 uF

I am just curious if somebody would have the insight to know if this 
would be problematic for the software "chipbasic8". The most critical 
thing missing is the 24C16. If I understand the site from Joerg, he is 
describing that the 24C16 CAN be used. Hence, I imagine that he means 
that it's optional to load programs, but not necessarily to run.

Ideally I would like it to run on an Atmega 48 with a lower resolution 
20x25 instead of 20x30. Maybe this will be too difficult for me, but I 
hope not.

I would be very happy if somebody has some interesting information for 
me to help me on my way, as a reward I will keep posting information and 
pictures as the project moves along.


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