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von Toby (Guest)

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I am actually working on a project, in which I want to develop a module, 
whichi s capable of transferring data from a CAN-Bus to a PC via WiFi. 
My first try is to accomplish this with an Eval-Kit, so I don't have to 
worry much about the hardware.

I already searched for several microcontrollers, which have an 
integrated CAN-Controller as well as the capability of supporting 
I found some controllers (at well known suppliers, like Microchip, ATMEL 
and Infineon). I just want to mention them here for the sake of 


Very important is for me also that there are Eval Boards available for 
the microcontroller, which actually have a built-in CAN-Transceiver.

In addition I regarded (maybe falsely?) the fact, that these Eval-Kits 
have a PHY, which provides the possibility of transferring data via 
Ethernet ("over Wire").

Now in some additional research, I learned that apparently Ethernet and 
WiFi are kinda on the same layer in the OSI-Laymodell. Meaning I don't 
quite need that PHY to transfer my data over WiFi.

My problem is now, that I have a hard time understanding for what I have 
to look so I can accomplish my task. The microcontrollers I find only 
have build in Ethernet support but not WiFi? Or did I get all this 

I thought I need to find an additional WiFI Module like this:

But if I this is actually what I need ( and I would buy it) how to I 
connect it to my Eval-Kit / Micrcontroller?

So I just wanna summarize my questions:

- Do I need a seperate WiFi Module and if so, how far do I have to 
regard the compatbility between the Module and the uC? And if so what 
are the points of compability I have to regarD?

- If I buy a WiFi Module - How do I connect it to the microcontroller? 
What is the interface used?!

- Has my microcontroller to be ethernet compatible if I transmit via 

- Even when I solve my problems around the hardware part, how do I get 
TCP/IP running on the uC? Are there libraries from the manufacturer? Or 
do I have to implement it all by myself?

I would really appreciate some help or maybe some redirections to 
literature (I couldnt find anything that helped me)

Best Regards


von Martin Thomas (Guest)

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Microchip and Olimex (and maybe others) offer adapter-boards with 
MRF24WB0MA Wifi-modules. It should be rather easy to connect such a 
module to any µC with SPI (and maybe UART) and any evaluation-board 
where these interface-lines are accessible. Microchip also offers 
software (TCP-IP) which can be used directly with their 
controllers/compilers but it doesn't look that difficult to port the to 
other architectures. (Just from looking into documentation, code and 
schematics, no first-hand experience)

von Toby (Guest)

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thank you for your fast answer :) .

So just that I get it right - this means when I chose a microcontroller 
there is no need for it to support Ethernet "from stock" ? It is enough 
when it has the desired CAN-Controller and a SPI or UART interface?

von Martin (Guest)

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Whats about an small embedded linux board with integrated wifi?

I guess a CAN-driver should be available, so you just have to take care 
about how to access the CAN from wifi.

The board i mentioned is called Carambola and you can get more detailed 
informations from http://www.8devices.com/

von Toby (Guest)

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well, I am always open to new suggestions. So I lookep up the board you 
mentioned, but as far as I can tell it unfortunately does not have a 
CAN-Controller. So this would actually mean that I need in addition to 
the driver I also need a seperate board with a CAN Transceiver and a CAN 
Controller. I actually wanted to avoid that.

But I am still a bit wondering about the other possibility (you 
mentioned first). So if my Eval-Board has a SPI interface, i can just 
get a WiFi Module which can be controlled over SPI? Then there will 
(hopefully) some drivers and maybe also a TCP/IP implementation which I 
can use?

von Martin (Guest)

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Yes you are right concerning the CAN-Controller question, the Carambola 
and the dev board as well don't have a CAN-Interface.

But i suggest you to take a look to a project which is linked in forum 
from 8devices (http://lnxpps.de/can2udpe/openwrt/).
There you will find a solution regarding the CAN-Interface topic which 
will be used to control his model trains.
Of course he uses another hardware, but he uses the same linux 
distribution so it should be quite easy to adapt this to Carambola.

Regarding the hardware, i would suggest you to design your own board, 
which will at least contain the power supply and the CAN-Interface and 
Carambola header similar to the dev board, maybe something else if you 

von Toby (Guest)

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Well I actually have to say I prefer the first option you mentioned. I 
already looked up the WiFi Module you mentioned  (MRF24WB0MA).

According to the data sheet, microchip offers an already implemented 
TCP/IP Stack to download. So since the PIC32 Microcontrollers were 
already an option to me, I think I will go this way.

von Dr G. Reed (Guest)

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Take a look at the Flyport Module, www.openpicus.com

This is a Pic24 Microcontroller with Microchip Wireless Lan Module

von Toby (Guest)

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Hey there,

the problem with those boards is, that I would need some external CAN 

Actually I found myself more confident in getting an Eval-Kit with an on 
board CAN-Transceiver and a Microcontroller (e.g. PIC24 or PIC32) which 
is capable of sending CAN messages.

Regarding the WiFi module I would like to ask two more question - what 
is the best way to go for a rookie?

Going for the suggested WiFi module ->

There I have to download and adapt the TCP/IP stack from microchip 
myself. Also in the documentation it says that the integeration of this 
needs "cooperative multitasking" - I can see why this is needed, but how 
hard is this to implement in my own code?

The other opportunity would be to take another WiFi Module like this ->

There it says the TCP/IP stack has already been implemented? What does 
that exactly mean? That I can request to send/receive data from the 
module right over SPI without even caring about the implementation of 

I hope my questions don't sound to dumb but I really have a hard time 
finding some accurate information about this.

von Martin Thomas (Guest)

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Side-Note: "Martin" and "Martin Thomas" are different persons.

I have not worked the mentioned Wifi-Modules. From the documentatoin it 
seems that using the RN171 is very similar to GSM Modules with embedded 
TCP/IP-Tack. Usually such modules are rather easy to use and the 
embedded stack frees processing time on the main controller. So for an 
easier start modules like RN171 might be easier to use. Cons: modules 
with embedded stack may be less flexible in terms of connection and 
tranfer options and maybe more expensive (I did not look up the price).

I have not worked with the TCP/IP software from microchip but expect 
"cooperative mutitasking" means that a state-machine-routine for the 
stack needs to be called frequently. Not to difficult to implement.

Maybe others can provice further hints if the data rate (CAN-Messages 
per second) is given.

von Pradeep K. (Company: Samvith Infocom Pvt. Limited) (kspradeep848)

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Hello sir,

We have developed one board, it will interfaces with RFID Reader 
module,GPRS Module, Motion Sensor,Fire and Smoke sensor and also it 
Contains primary database.At the time of RFID tag detection the data 
will be transmitted to server and same time the Automatic Gate will be 
opened. tha data will be trancmitted either WIFI or Ethernet LAN.

We select the AT91SAM9XE512 MCU this for Ok to this project or if any 
other microcontroller is their mailed me.

Thanks & Regards

Pradeep K S

von doedel (Guest)

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http://digistump.com/products/50 CAN + WiFi on board. The board uses an 
AT91SAM3X8E. The CAN isn't mentiond in the product description but is 
shown in the PIN layout: 
http://digistump.com/wiki/digix/tutorials/pinout and in the more 
detailed feature description from the WIKI.

von Arsam K. (arsam_k)

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i am arsam m trying to interface wi fi module connected to 
microcontroller to router (acces module present in college) through 
which i need to transfer data to other wi fi module connected to micro 
controller so can any one help me to solve my problem
plz give me suggestion on arsampathan@gmail.com

von Harald (Guest)

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Have a look at the new Texas Instruments CC3200. It's an ARM with WiFi 

von Harald (Guest)

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Sorry i just realized how old the thread is....

von c-hater (Guest)

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Toby wrote:

> Now in some additional research, I learned that apparently Ethernet and
> WiFi are kinda on the same layer in the OSI-Laymodell. Meaning I don't
> quite need that PHY to transfer my data over WiFi.

That's not true, at least it's not expressed correctly.

WiFi and Ethernet are sharing OSI layer 2 (MAC level), that's true. But 
WiFi requires some extensions at this level, compared to plain ethernet. 
But these extensions aren't your problem, at least not yet in the 
hardware level approach...

The fact is: The similarity at MAC layer won't help you in any way, 
because there are no WiFi adapters with "MAC interface". Simply because 
no PHY definitions/standards exists for this level, it's a pure logical 
protocol level.

> My problem is now, that I have a hard time understanding for what I have
> to look so I can accomplish my task.

Start your search from existing hardware! WiFi modules for instance are 
available with physical USB interface in an unbelievable wide range of 
different models from different suppliers.
So your task can be reduced to find a controller with USB host and CAN 
capabilities. That's fairly simple too. Also a shitload of possible 
models and suppliers is available in this market segment for a wide 
variaty of performance requirements.

Mission accomplished after very a very short time of googling... What 
kinda engineer are you?

von Mr Wright (Guest)

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What thats here?

This Forum is GERMANY Forum! Please wrighting in GERMANY LANGAUAGE! 

This Postings for Users in Germany / Swizerland and Austria cannot all 
Users understanding. Please change this Postings aviable in GERMANY 
LANGUAGE, so we can or understanding in Germany Language and in this 
Lands Swizerland and Austria.


von Klaus W. (mfgkw)

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Mr Wright wrote:
> What thats here?

It's called http://embdev.net, not http://www.mikrocontroller.net/ as 
you might have expected.

> This Forum is GERMANY Forum! Please wrighting in GERMANY LANGAUAGE!

No chance, use http://www.mikrocontroller.net/ instead.

> Thankyou.

You're welcome!

von Rakesh M. (rakesh_m)

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Hello Sir,

I need to transfer a single word (eg: NAME) using a 
microcontroller(8051)  to a remote PC through wifi.The micro controller 
is  connected to a wireless module.So i have a subnet created in the 
receiving side and the PC is connected to the network through Ethernet. 
My doubts are

1.Is the transmission  possible by mentioning the ip address of the PC 
in the micro controller while programming it?

2.If it is possible where can i get documents to understand the 
programming ideas?

3.Any other hardware is required to achieve the goal?

waiting for your kind reply..

von Geert H. (geerth)

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At the Bascom forum someone pointed to SDcard with WiFi builtin:

Google: Flashair

: Edited by User
von kiran (Guest)

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I have to work on a project in which gps module will send data to 
microcontroller and the data will be save in buffer , further i need to 
make an application that will communicate with microcontroller to get 
the data, would communication between microcontroller and application be 
possible from wifi module??


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