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I have started newly working with AVR microcontroller.I am using 
ATmega32-A microcontroller. I have connected one external ADC(AD7798). I 
want read external ADC values using SPI communication.I have tried so 
much but i am not able to get ADC values. My project is I have to 
generate waveform using micro controller with programmable waveform 
generator. I am successfully doing this and giving this signal to 
sensor. I want read sensor output given to ADC and trying to read adc 
value. I have attached simple circuit diagram below. I wrote code like 
    // I have initialized PORTB like this

    // SPI initialisation
    // SPI clock rate fck/16
    // SPI master
    // SPI MSB first
    // SPI CPOL = 1, CPHA = 1

    PORTB.3 = 1; 
    void main (void){
     printf("adc value :%x\n",ReadAd());

I wrote all function in another file

    #define ADC_CS PORTB.3
    #define WG_CS PORTB.4
    #define MOSI PORTB.5
    #define MISO PINB.6
    #define SCK PORTB.7

    #define ADC_CS_PIN PINB.3
    #define WG_CS_PIN PINB.4

    char spi(char data)
    //Start transmision
    SPDR = data;
    //Wait for transmision complete
    while(!(SPSR & 0x80));
    return SPDR;

    //Sets the waveform generator output to given phase
    void SetWGPhase(unsigned int phase)
    SPCR = 0x5A;
    WG_CS = 0;
    spi((char)((phase>>8)|0xC0));     //Load into phase register 0
    spi((char)(phase & 0x00FF));
    WG_CS = 1;

    unsigned int ReadAd(void)
    unsigned int data;
    //Read data
    CheckStatus();         //Wait for data ready in 
                             adc register
    spi(0x58);              //Place readinstruction 
                            in communication register
    data = (spi(0xFF)<<8);    //Read 8 most significant 
                             bits from data register
    data |= spi(0xFF);      //Read 8 leastsignificant 
                             bits from data register  
    return data;

    void CheckStatus(void) 
    char adcStatus; 

    (void) spi(0x40); 
    adcStatus = spi(0xFF); 
    } while((adcStatus & 0x80) > 0); 
    void ChipSelectAd(char s)
    if(s == 1){
        PORTB.3 = 0;    //Switch on AD
        while(PINB.3);  //Wait for chip select pin
            PORTB.3 = 1;    //Switch of AD
I have read data sheet hundreds of times but still I am able to read ADC 
value. I am confusing what mistakes I am doing. I have checked each and 
every pin and I have checked ADC input pin using Oscilloscope, i am 
getting 0.6V input signal. Please help me to solve this problem. 
Tommarow is the deadline for this project. Please any one help me to 
read ADC values.

Thanks in advance.


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