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von pek (Guest)

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Dear all

Looks like i'll get hands on an FX3 DVK from Cypress soon. I'd like to 
use the new USB device controller to stream 3D-sensor data to a PC (1.2 
- 2.7 Gbit/s depending on application type). In a first 
feasibility-study application (testing and evaluating USB and SW without 
having the "real" HW ready), a (small) FPGA could generate dummy volume 
data and feed it into the FX3's GPIF_II.

However, Cypress has no intention to provide accesories like a 
FPGA-Board fitting to the FX3-DVK-GPF_II I/F ("P_Port to SAMTEC" in 
their schematic).

Now my question: Does anybody know a third-party supplier of such 
accessories (no matter what FPGA, Altera or Xilinx preferred, config 
through serial cable, JTAG, USB, EEProm or similar)?


von P. K. (pek)

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Now that I heard from my vendor that these FX3 DVK are available now any 
moment for "ordinary" companies, I'm curious whether there is anyone who 
already connected an FPGA to the FX3 device by a general purpose board. 
And, following from that: Has anybody such a board that can be bought? 
Kind of FPGA doen't really matter although Altera or Xilinx are 
preferred, need this thing just as a dummy data provider to work on the 
passive slave fifo I/F evaluation for a subsequent project.


von P. K. (pek)

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In meantime, such solutions are available. Cypress seems to hand out 
design resources


and HW can be ordered at


(look for "Cypress DVK to").

von P. K. (pek)

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P. K. wrote:
> and HW can be ordered at
> http://agile-sdr-solutions.com/

No, this company seems not existent anymore.

Paypal wont accept payment for this company and the web has many "never 
heard again from them" comments...

von Dude (Guest)

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von P. K. (pek)

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Dude wrote:
> could be useful !?
> http://www.enclustra.com/en/products/fpga-manager/fpga-manager-usb3/

I found this one earlier, too. Could work, however only if the (smaller) 
FPGA they supply are sufficient.

To connect to a standard Altera devkit, you have to get active yourself. 
Cypress is at least giving an example:


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