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von Lukas (Guest)

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Hi @ all,
i am 16 years old, and i am now at school, my englisch teacher says that 
my englisch knowlege is not well and so i should learn more englisch.
So i had an idea i write to a Forum, to communicate with other people in 
englisch. In my freetime i work with electronics and PIC 
i only want to communicate with people in englisch, about what: 

please write back

von teacher (Guest)

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ok, let's start
"english" without "c"
"knowledge" with "d"

von teacher (Guest)

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anything else.

don´t use PIC, only use AVR

von Lukas (Guest)

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english is englich, Englisch is German
knowledge is english, knowlege is anything else, maybe it does not 

I hope, now it's so right.

I know, or better I have read, that the PIC-microcontrollers are not 
popular at the Forum, it's better to write about AVR.
I would like to try the AVR-Controllers, but I have no burner (like PIC- 
ICD2), but maybe in some time I will by the Programmer for AVR, I have 
not found a selfmade programmer for AVR like (SPRUT-Burner).

Personal Note: (like German PS:)
At my school we work a lot with electronics and more but in our 
english-lessons we did not learn anythyng about databooks or other, I 
think first it's OK but to work with englisch book's to learn evering 
for tense (German: ZEiten) or grammer is't Ok, because wenn I will worki 
in a Company and these company will speak in German, it's not so 
important to have the right tense and the "perfect" English will come 
(von selbs: by self??).

von chris (Guest)

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Hey Lukas
Your idea is pretty good to get better english skills by this way!

To programm an avr you only need a few components. For example have a 
google search for "SI-Prog"
3 diodes and 3 resistors may be everything u need to build an 
ISP-Programmer tool.
Here u find an example for that simple schematic...

first u can have a look into the german avr tutorial on 

take it easy ;-)

von Roland (Guest)

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Yes, a very good idea to improve my english, too. :)

I also started with a simple LPT home-brew burner (stk200), but if your 
program code gets bigger and bigger, these burners are slow. (especially 
on usb2rs232 adapters)
So I've built an AVR910 burner: 
This programmer takes a real serial data stream (not bit-banging) and 
flashes then the connected device.

If you have luck, you can find nearly all parts in your spare parts box 
(German: Bastelkiste)

So build something like SI-Prog (to solve the chicken-and-egg problem) 
and then build an AVR910 programmer (there also exist's an USB-version)


von Daniel D. (daniel1976d)

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Ok Lukas (Guest)...

Dude... Reading your English is a bit tiring... when I finished school I 
thought like you ... I'll never use English except reading a data sheet 
or something like that... after my studies I worked for 1.5 years in 
Germany but after that the company closed down... surprisingly I got a 
job offer in Singapore... at the phone they told me that I just work in 
a lab developing hardware... when I arrived I got to know that I have to 
teach a class of students...
Nevertheless I worked there for two years, stayed in Singapore another 
three years, got married... returned to Germany for a period of 5 years 
and now I am in Australia with my family...

In school I hated foreign languages...

von Lukas (Guest)

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Hi at all,
at first i must say that i do not hate foreign languages, but i find 
it's very difficult, because I have problems with the German Grammer, so 
first i must learn object's first, second,... fall, when I'm writing a 
story or so I do not think: should I use this grammer or the other.
But I'm learning English now and I hope I can use English in future, but 
i am quite sure.

Now to AVR:

I have just looked to
http://freenet-homepage.de/gjl/pub/siprog.png .
It'S a simple Schemetic and it's no problem to copy it and these 
electronic-elements are not expensiv. But I does not check wich 
Software( for Windows or Linux( Ubuntu) I can use to "burn" the AVR.

wenn I use: 
firstly I must burn one AVR or??

I will go an Monday to Scholl an there to the magazine and buy two
ATMEGA 8 for 3,10€. Three Euros are not expensiv and in my 

I will try it next week and write back.

thank you all

von DrPepper (Guest)

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@Daniel Düsentrieb:

Your frequent usage of "..." is tiring too ;) But at least your english 
seems to be pretty good.

von Roland (Guest)

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Hi Lukas,

to your english (ok mine is not perfect, too) :
I don't know if these are typos or if you simply don't know the correct 

Scholl => school
expensiv => expensive
But I does not check wich Software => But I do not check which software
wenn I use => when I use
Grammer => grammar (in english, nearly everything is lowercase)

OK, but now back 2 AVR :)

You can use ponyprog (windows) or AVRdude (linux) to flash AVR's. Read 
also the README-files. There is often described how to build the burner, 
respectively which types are supported.

3 € for an AVR is OK if you need only one or two. If you need more 
electrical parts you can order your AVRs at www.reichelt.de for ~1.50 or 
take a look at www.pollin.de, they have often cheap evaluation boards 
(currently not)

To build an AVR910 programmer you first need an other programmer. The 
AVR910 programmer has the advantage, it is faster than siprog and it 
works on usb2serial cables. (siprog not, or veeeeryyy slow)

So if you have a native COM-port on your PC/laptop do your first steps 
with siprog.


von chris (Guest)

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Hey Mr Duesentrieb :-)
You are in aussie now, awesome! I studied there at the Gold Coast in 
summer 08. How is the the situation to get a job there as e.g a 
development engeneer for realtime systems. I'll finish my bachelor 
dregree this summer, continue a master programm and perhaps i'll try to 
find a job in aussie after that. So, would be happy about some infos u 
can give me. Who are u working for, which city/area are you living?


von Enrico (Guest)

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@teacher (Guest)

Oh no, dont start the PIC / AVR war here. :))

btw: I like PIC and AVR ? Im crazy enough? :D


von Boris H. (eddi)

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Lukas wrote:
> So i had an idea i write to a Forum, to communicate with other people in
> englisch. i only want to communicate with people in englisch, about what:
> anything.

Hi Lukas,

If you want this you should take a look at the "Literalia" project. 
LITERALIA stands for "Learning in Tandem to Encourage Reciprocal 
Autonomous Learning in (A)dults" and is a EU project between the 4 
countries Poland, Italy, UK and Germany.
The project officially ended in july 2008 but the online community is 
still alive and uses the online platform for chatting, wiki etc.
It's based on learning language and culture with a partner in one of the 
I also took part in this project and it gave me a lot.

For information look at www.literalia.eu


P.S. (A) due to spam filter

von Better (Guest)

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@ Daniel
Boy, it's "on the phone" not at the phone. Or were you sitting next to 
your phone when someone walked up to you and told you what you would be 
doing at your job?

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