News TI buys Luminary Micro

von Andreas S. (andreas) (Admin)

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Texas Instruments just 
that they acquired Luminary Micro, vendor of the popular ARM Cortex 
M3-based Stellaris microcontroller series. A step that seems to make 
sense, since TI had fallen a bit behind in the general purpose, low end 
ARM controller market.

von shiramoo (Guest)

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Good acquisition as time as TI wants to be more present on low end ARM 
controller market.Some rumours targeted to Atmel as the next TI 

We will see

von Robert T. (robertteufel)

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There is no need for a highly structured and financially sound company 
like TI to acquire a company that has been a financial mess for the last 
5 years or more like Atmel. Although the purchase price for Luminary has 
not been disclosed, it is for sure a small fraction of a potential price 
for Atmel but has in regards to future ARM business a very significant 
I doubt that TI want to go strong in 8-bit, that is where Atmel shines.

Just my 2 cents, Robert

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