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von Matthias (Guest)

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Before i begin i have to say that my english isn't very well.

Ok, i'am working on a project in school, with FreeRTOS on a LPC1768 
Stick. I downloaded the Demo from FreeRTOS.org and tried to run it on 
the hardware.

By Now i can already execute some demo tasks but not more. (Like switch 
a LED on and so on..) But now i want to try the webserver:

But there i have a problem. I call the function xCreateTask(vuIP_Task, 
..) but the ethernet ports isn't working at all. I monitor the 
connection through wireshark but i get no answer.

I also changed the priority of the uIP Task. But still it doesnt work.

The Debugger enters this function:

if( xSchedulerRunning == pdFalse){
if( pxCurrentTCB->uxPriotizy <= uxPriority){
pxCurrentTCB = pxNewTCB;

So this task(uIP) becomes the currentTask. So i think the task must 
start but i doesnt. Is there anything special to config?

And there is another problem maybe it has to do with this. Because when 
i click "run" in the debugger and then "stop" it halts in the 
HardFaultException or anywhere in the TaskScheduler.

It think i make basically something wrong, i hope thats enough 
information for you to help me, but if you need something more i will 
post it as soon as possible.

Thanks very much!

von Dominik C. (Guest)

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Hi Matthias,

I had the same problem (tasks not starting, hardfaulterror...).
On my system the problem was the heap. It was too small to start all the 
tasks. You can check if a task is created successfuly by checking the 
return value of the createTask function.
I had the problem, that the error happened when creating the idle task. 
And the FreeRTOS does not check if the idle task is created properly. So 
I was on the search for the error for some time :(...

Maybe this helps.


von Christoph Z. (Guest)

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Hello Dominik,

I know this is quite a while ago you write this, but you helped me a 
lot. I searched two days for the error till I found your solution with 
the heap...

Thanks and have a very nice day!


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