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Welcome to the EmbDev.net AVB forum

AVB (Audio Video Bridging) is an Ethernet-based standard for audio and video transmission. This forum is intended as an easily accessible1 place to share information and discuss about AVB.

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1 most of the discussion related to AVB is currently taking place in private forums, e.g., on LinkedIn

AVB resources

Protocol description

Embedded Implementations

PC Implementations

  • Mac OS ≥ 10.9 (Mavericks): AVB natively supported with internal Ethernet adapter on all recent Macs (=with Thunderbolt port); Screenshots
  • Windows: Echo Streamware; custom ethernet card, driver for AVBASIO
  • Linux: Open-AVB for Intel I210 ethernet cards; very active development; no complete plug-and-play implementation, mainly hardware drivers and PTP synchronization (only a few audio examples for IEEE 1722 transport protocol)
  • Linux/Windows/Mac 1722.1 controller library & cmd line app: https://github.com/audioscience/avdecc-lib


  • Extreme Networks – high end, very mature AVB support reported; additional license for AVB required
    • ∑ ~$1000 for cheapest 8 port switch (X440-8t)
    • only X440-8t is fanless
  • TSL MES-1 – since April 2014; quite expensive
  • NetgearAVB support reportedly limited/problematic, additional license for AVB required
  • DSP4YOU AVB-SW – development board, low-cost
  • Lab X Switch – discontinued
  • Brick – 100 Mbps, PoE; apparently based on the DSP4YOU switch; available for pre-order
  • New (August 2014): MOTU AVB Switch, Gigabit, 5 ports, €315 – XMOS compatibility unknown

Alternatives to AVB for audio

  • Ethernet-based
    • Dante – does not require special switches; AVB compatibility announced
    • CobraNet
    • EtherSound
  • AES-10 (MADI) – strongly supported by studio hardware manufacturers, no low-cost or open implementations
  • ADAT Lightpipe – 8 channels max, chipsets discontinued

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