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von Andreas S. (andreas) (Admin)

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An "article section":http://embdev.net/articles/ has been added on 
EmbDev.net. The first articles are "a general overview of ARM-based 
microcontrollers":http://embdev.net/articles/ARM (cores, development 
tools) and my "ARM MP3/AAC 
Player":http://embdev.net/articles/ARM_MP3/AAC_Player project 
(previously published on 

The articles are organized as a Wiki, that means anyone can edit and 
create articles. If you want to write an article about a project you 
would like to present or a topic that interests you, see "How to create 
a new article":http://embdev.net/articles/How_to_create_a_new_article.

All articles are licensed under a "Creative Commons 

von Anon (Guest)

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This functionality of the web page is unfortunately broken now:

https://embdev.net/articles/ returns

File not found

The file you have requested was not found on this server. Please return 
to the homepage.

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