News ARM announces Cortex-M0 processor core

von Andreas S. (andreas) (Admin)

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<a href="/images/news/cortex-m0.png"><img 
src="/images/news/cortex-m0-small.png" align="right" /></a>
ARM is intensifying its attack on the 8-bit controller market with a new 
ultra-low power processor core, the Cortex-M0. At claimed 0.85 µW/MHz 
the power efficiency is comparable to controllers of the AVR or MSP430 
families. The Cortex-M0 implements the Thumb-1 and a subset of the 
Thumb-2 instruction set, so the same level of support by open source 
tools can be expected as for the other ARM cores.

NXP, best known for its ARM7-based controller family LPC2000, has 
announced to become the first licensee for the Cortex-M0, though no 
specific products have been announced yet.

* "ARM Cortex-M0":http://www.arm.com/products/CPUs/ARM-Cortex-M0.html
* "NXP licenses ARM Cortex™-M0 

von shiramoo (Guest)

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What about price/unit? much lower then cortex m3 or pic32 ?

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